St.Thomas Basilica, Chennai
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Let’s walk together on that path of tranquility providing greater meaning to our existence, nourishing ourselves to love and be loved dearly. Tour of greater vision and mission, a tour of sheer bliss, let’s get connected and understand the deeper phases of life.

  • Day 1 - Chennai

    We welcome our fellow tourists of the Tamil Nadu tour package and commence our tour by visiting St. Santhome Church with our tour operators which is one of the only three churches in the world which is made over the tomb of an apostle of Jesus. Being the principal church, it is one of the important pilgrimage centers for the Christians in India. Then we head on to St. Thomas Mount Church which is almost 500 years old, situated on a small hillock. The peace within the church sitting at the top of the hill gives a calm and serene experience. We then head to our hotel and call it a day.

    Day 2 - Chennai – Pondicherry

    After a heavy breakfast, we leave for Pondicherry, India. The first place of the visit there is Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which portrays the life of Jesus and saints of Catholic Church through exceptional tainted glass panels. After spending some time in the church, we head on to Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Also known as Samba Kovil, Immaculate Conception Church is the mother church of Cuddalore and Roman Catholic Archdiocese, a beautifully sculpted church and a must-visit place. With the leisure time afterward you can choose to do whatever you wish.

    Day 3 - Pondicherry – Vailankanni

    With our stuffed stomachs, we proceed to Velankanni Madha Church, which is the most sacred and frequently visited pilgrimage place, well-known for the shrine of Basilica that is dedicated to ‘Lady of Health’. It is located in a small town of Velankanni in Tamil Nadu. You can devour and stroll around the town with your loved ones exploring the simplicity around.

    Day 4 - Vailankanni – Poondi – Thanjavur

    We resume our tour from Poondi Madha Basilica situated at Poondi, a small village in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu. Being declared as a permanent pilgrimage center of our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Poondi Madha Basilica holds a history of its central roof, which is in stories even today. Indulge and know more about this story from the natives of this village.

    Day 5 - Thanjavur – Trichy

    We leave from Thanjavur after a scrumptious meal to Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Basilica of our Lady of Lourdes in St.Joseph’s College Complex is a hundred-year-old church built in Gothic style. Its antiquity from both inside and outside, prayers written in little notes attracts people from all faiths making it a must-visit place. You can soak in the various attractions of church and understand the culture of the place.

    We depart our ways to make ways in future to assist you always.

Day 1 Chennai St.Santhome Basilica - St.Thomas Mount - Vailankanni Madha Church
Day 2 Chennai – Pondcicherry Basilica of the Sacred heart of Jesus - Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Day 3 Pondicherry – Vailankanni Vailankanni Madha Church
Day 4 Vailankanni – Poondi – Thanjavur Poondi - Basilica of our lady of Lourdes
Day 5 Thanjavur – Trichy Basilica of our lady of lourdes - Departure in Trichy