Mamallapuram Dance Festival – a Celebration of Indian Folk Dance in a Unique Setting!

Head to Mahabalipuram in December to celebrate Indian folk dancing at its finest

This winter, visitors to the lovely town of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu will regale themselves with a unique amalgamation of traditional folk dances from all over India at the Mamallapuram Dance Festival.

The 20-day extravaganza showcases each of the regions and cultures of India, with dancers representing their region and engaging in enticing and captivating displays of movement and sound. If you are travelling to Tamil Nadu, this is a chief Mamallapuram travel event and one not to miss.

Set right in front of the famous Arjuna’s Penance rock carving monument, there is something magical about this dance festival. Arjuna’s Penance itself is an intricate backdrop and one of the biggest such monuments in the world. In front of it, you’ll have the chance to admire performances in Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Odissi, Kathakali and other Indian classical dance forms. The festival is a mix of traditional dances and more modern, rare folk dances as well.

Where to stay and when to go

The best option for including the dance festival in Mamallapuram into your holiday is to visit during a longer tour of Tamil Nadu organised with a travel agent to take the stress off you from organizing the finer details. Look at your chief interests and tailor an itinerary with a dedicated driver to take you around the region, and make sure you spend two or three nights in Mahabalipuram with plenty of time to take in the festival and all the sights.

Your travel agent will out in touch with the best hotels and you can enjoy all the events while also relaxing in comfort and luxury.

Other sights in Mahabalipuram

In Mahabalipuram, you are at the heart of a fantastic UNESCO World Heritage patrimony. The monolithic monuments here are unique in the world, so make sure you visit the Five Rathas and the Balancing Rock. By the sea, the Shore Temple awaits. You can also lose yourself in the cave temples at Varaha Cave Temple and the Tiger Cave.